Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Final Hurrah. OR IS IT.

Hell week.

Crunch week.

Finals week.

Call it what you will. At this point you could call it fucking Great Uncle Ichabod's Superhappy Funride and I wouldn't really care. Because Great Uncle Ichabod's Superhappy Funride just spent two weeks soundly kicking my sorry ass for some unnamed and as of yet unrevealed crime.

But I remain strong.
In the midst of the near anal violation offered by having a semester's worth of procrastination come down on my head like a 6-ton wench launching itself off the Empire State Building, I have worked, steadfastly, on the little project that we like to call Astro McFly.

Game designs, art-wise now consist of the game screen, recolored designs for the ship, background tiles, asteroid obstacles, five or six different stars from the grand ol' 70s including Charleton Heston, Clint Eastwood and Jean Seberg, and components for eight or nine different drinks, and enough flashy flavor text and kitchy looking stars to take over a small country. Anyone feel like a Harvey Wallbanger? I'll just have a screwdriver without the orange juice if you don't mind.

The collective gathered again a few hours ago, it was a party. And by party I mean 'coding fiasco'. Once again the ability of ActionScript to baffle rears its ugly, ugly head. Problems with the arrays and the appearances of some certain drinks in the menu bars kept the program from being complete and did a real bang-up job of frustrating the hell out of Jared and Sean.

Hopefully we'll get a chance to keep working on this. All of us really want to see this come out to be a good game, especially after we merged the graphics and what we had of the code last night. Let me tell you it looked fucking AMAZING.

If we do we've got three or four days left.
In those three or four days I also must complete my Java final, and a five minute soundscape that I have not yet begun.

Yay for Great Uncle Ichabod's Superhappy Funride.