Wednesday, March 04, 2009


At last! At last, animation.

I am animating, and its fun and amazing, its like getting to play with dolls all over again. Slowly moving dolls with strange joint and twist controls that have a billion little colored lines coming out of them that make them look like they're covered in ugly neon string.

But still! Animation! Rigging and modelling of all characters has been completed, and a tweaked script awaits storyboarding. While I wait for my lazy pencil to kick its own ass into gear, I move forward with animation.

I could post the entirety of the six seconds here, but that would take forever.

So here:

You get a screenshot. Not much is happening, obviously. Some construction. Its a frame from the very first shot of the short. Lots of "s" words and "f" words in that last sentence.

But yes. Lots of things still very rough around the edges in there. Textures, lighting. You can't see it, but the animation needs work too. Basically as it stands now, what I've got is a bit of a redheaded stepchild.

Hopefully within the next few days I can beat it into something prettier.

Observant readers (all two of you) will notice the presence of a new chap in town, and by town I mean in the animation, one that I haven't shown before. Well I'm glad you asked, Billy, because here he is:

Presenting a proud member of the Los Cielos manual labor workforce.

More to come soon, friends.