Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Flare That Lens, Baby

Oh my my my its that time of the month again. No, not for my man-period, that's just a myth. Or is it? No, its time for me to put out some of my coded works once again.

This one was a mite easier than all of the others, if for the sole reason that I didn't have to code it completely from scratch as I tried to do with all the others. A lot of it was based off of a tweening demo that was posted on the class website a week or so back.
It still needs some work, coloring-wise and overall movement wise, and polish wise, and it needs some sort of sound or music or -something- to give it that extra umph...ok so it needs a bit of work, but its difficult to work when your brain is pounding on the insides of your skulls whining about pink and yellow monkeys threatening to sell it life insurance. I'll add that in a few days. The polish, that is, not the monkeys. But for now....

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