Friday, September 08, 2006


A year ago I left this little scrap of blog to the wild, dark and forbidding depths of the interwebs.

But a good creator never forgets about his baby, so here I am, after a yearlong hiatus full of sex, drugs and rock n' roll, except without the sex, drugs and rock n' roll.

Now you all may be wondering "But Patrick, an entire year has gone by! Surely you'll tell us about what's been going on, and relate to us all of the crazy adventures/wild parties/bear hunting expeditions/explorations of lost civilizations/mary-had-a-little-lamb-riding-a-goddamned-unicorn experiences that you've had? Or at least tell us what lamb-sacrificing insanities you're up to now!"
And boy, wouldn't I.

But I won't. I won't go into everything I've done in the past year because if I would, this post would be a ga-fucking-zillion pages long, and I'd be so laden down with hubris I wouldn't be able to walk to class without looking like a long-haired, asian Quasimodo.

As for the now, its September, and once again I'm loaded with more projects than Southern Chicago.
Let's go through a quick tally shall we?
-"Dusk of the Dead" a real time strategy game
-"Royal and Manchester, Cybernet P.I.s" a animation
-"Euphoria Inc." a graphic novel
-"Hellhounds On My Trail" a graphic novel
-"They Came From The Internet" a webcomic

An RTS, a 3d animation, TWO graphic novels and a webcomic. Out of these five projects, only two of them are -not- related to school, and those are the last two. I held back from going forward with Hellhounds On My Trail as a class project because as far as I know, AK isn't going to get me the next part of the script for the thing until he's fifty fucking years old, and I personally feel the webcomic could be kept up without any people stabbing me in the face to get me to do the work.

Needless to say, I got my work cut out for me this semester.

Of particular interest though, is the new game that I'm working on: Dusk of the Dead.
Yes, its a real time strategy game, its going to be a fully functional real time strategy game. Yes, its a play on "Dawn of the Dead," and yes...its a real time strategy game about zombies.
I'm working on this with two other guys, one is in charge of programming, the other is in charge of 3d animation and modelling, and me? I'm in charge of game design, specs, texturing, sound design, catering, being the fluffer, and all the things that no one else really wants to do. HAH, just kidding, I don't cater.

Are you excited? I am.

The basic idea is thus. Like any good real time strategy worth its salt, there are two sides to the conflict. And like any good zombie game, its set in an urban environment that's been completely and utterly destroyed.
The two sides are, to be expected, humans and zombies.
The humans are your typical real time strategy peoples. They collect resources, and crank near limitless amoutns of new units out of clown-car like factories, build fortifications, and send out waves of units to conquer the opposition/survive the impossibly huge onslaught.
The zombies are a little different. We haven't quite decided on a solid scheme for how they'll be implemented but my thoughts are thus: they collect resources, but instead of pulling stuff out of mines and piles of junk lying around, like the humans do, they have an entirely different set of resources: bodies.
The idea is in this hopeless, remnants-of-human-civilization world, not only will there be packs of congregated civilians seeking refuge in barely protected shelters, there will be bodies littering the streets of our cities, and using these bodies, the undead will bolster their forces.

I think its solid.
I think its absolutely fucking kickass.

And this thing is going to be made. Dammit.

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