Thursday, February 03, 2005

I Said Gimme The Damned Vector!

Here's something I scanned in, a creation of my own.

Here's the original:

Her name is "Ghoul."

What exactly is Ghoul?
Experiment Code: 43a1BB

Day 1-
Specimen has been retrieved and satisfactorily subdued within Lab Cage 3.
Retrieval from "Earth" plane.
Species- Homo Sapiens
Gender- "Female"
Age in Earth years- 23
Name- Unknown, inconsequential
Notes- Young, lithe, notably attractive by human standards. Body surprisingly resilient to the subduction process, required between 20 ccs of drugs and 40 ccs of corrosives to sufficiently bring to a quieter state.
What a wonderfullllll catch.

Day 3-
Specimen awoke before the lab table could be sufficiently prepped and attempted to force open the cage door. Exhibited signs of sorrow. Liquid leaking from eyes, shrieking. The usual reaction to capture and subduction. I'm very pleased. The trauma should carry through well into the final stages. Took more corrosives and nerve-gas to ensure that the subject did not harm herself in the process of awakening. More sleeping solution had to be applied.
Very strong individual. Will be very difficult to break. Results should be SPECTacular.

Day 4-
Lab table prepped with necessary equipment. Specimen was still asleep when applied to the table. Actual experimentation begin tomorrow.

Preliminary schedule:
Pain resistance testing
Reflex testing
Nerve-to-brain reactionary
Limb-strength testing
Mental acuity and sampling, Neural health

Day 6- Specimen did not react well to pain resistance testing. Bleeds easily, though this is to be expected. Skin samples removed to be inspected for tensile strength. Bad day bad day.

Day 7- Skin cells analyzed, looks like the specimen lacked a constant intake of protein and fiber. That's fine. Nothing some corrosives and surface proteins won't fix.

A strong mixture of proteins, fats, and yeast should create a suitable replacement skin for the specimen.
Extra strong clamps were needed as well as the mist-spray apparatus. Applied corrosives to outer surface of specimen's epidermis in even layer to remove weak skin and applied surface proteins when epidermis was sufficiently worn away. Specimen's face area moved too much, and specimen refused to close eyes. I did not want to risk blinding the specimen, so I was forced to use 40 ccs of anaesthetics to bring the specimen under control. Protein and yeast mixture applied properly and set within an hour.
Process was completed, will move on to further experimentations tomorrow.

Day 8- Pain resistance testing and reflex testing successful. All nerves responded exceptionally well to extreme stimuli and skin was sufficiently resilient to applied conditions.
Specimen continues to exhibit signs of sorrow, fear, and desperation and screams continually. Tear ducts have recently gone dry. Minor setback. Not a big deal. At all.

Day 9- Moved on to Nerve-to-brain reactionary. In retrospect this was a -bad- move. Trauma after opening the cranium has resulted in complications. Specimen has stopped crying, is probably experiencing extreme migraines and sensations similar to a concussion, but does not react and simply stares fixedly at a spot on the ceiling. Unexpected...and interesting. Replaced removed bone with steel skullcap. Used rivets as the nerves reacted as expected and I don't think I will be opening up the skull again.

Day 10- I remembered before I began today that steel conducts electricity especially well. Was able to use this to my advantage and stimulate the specimen's brain back into a higher level of activity after yesterday's complications. Magnificent side effects, has begun to show signs of joy instead of sorrow.
Possible reversal in neural reaction due to the accident? The answer is inconsequential.

Day 12- Limb-strength-testing finally completed. Bone and muscle structure had to be completely redone, removed and replaced to match even the frailest of the Horde's soldiers. Was able to retain the original protein-yeast based skin, however.
Used lab materials:
-fifty pounds carbon-aluminum alloy
-five pounds "marrow"
-Forty-three gallons amino acid mixtures, mixtures 53D, 12A, 5A, 3A, 44B, and 66A.
Facial features kept intact. She has the cutest look on her face when she is feeling pain.

Day 13- Subject was beginning to show signs of enjoying being bound to the lab table. This was very much a problem.
Applied 30,000 volts to head to erase previous mental patterns, memories, experiences. Voltage was within the standard margin of error, and base memories (walking, talking, fucking) should not have been lost.
First application failed. Hair got in the way and prevented proper application of the device and much of the voltage was lost. Some skin was burned in the process.
Specimen experienced large amounts of pain during first application of electricity.
Second application worked like a charm. Remainders of hair were removed from the skin and this made the application of the electricity work perfectly. Specimen did not feel pain. The body reacted violently and nearly broke one of the ankle restraints, but this is to be expected.
Neural health was tested to be an acceptable level after application of electricity. Specimen did not react adversely to static and moving images presented, either, which is a good sign.
Skin has taken on a white pallor. Nice and aesthetic.
Specimen began drooling by end of day...a problem.

Applied a ball gag and steel muzzle to the mouth and extremely tight torso coverings. This kept the specimen from drooling and prevented the specimen from becoming lethargic after being released from the lab table.
Victim was unable to speak or breath, however. Tracheotomy was needed and performed with no problem.
Sufficient communication ability was provided through a speaker grill installed in the forehead. More bone removed, fortunately specimen did not react to the extensive trauma to the cranium caused by drilling into the forehead.
Specimen is now ready for field tests. Its beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.

Day 16- Day two of field testing. Specimen reacts beautifully and has superb threat detection. Loves to hide and use surprise. Specimen also takes pleasure in killing live field test subjects, and experiences signs of arousal during as well.
Thisssss issssss deliciousssss.

Day 19- Day five of field testing. Specimen has not failed a field test to this date. Has killed one of my laboratory assistants...a pleasant, pleasant display in cunning. Has begun showing signs of bouts of body-wide pain that detract from concentration, side effects of the skin and muscle replacements possibly. I will give her a few packs of painkiller syringes to keep it from becoming too bad. Much potential.


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