Friday, February 04, 2005


Don't get me wrong.

Sciences of the mind, such as psychology, psychotherapy and neurology are, in my mind, some of the most mind-boggling sciences out there. It is within the realm of the mind-sciences that the mysterious Pandora's Box of the mind is thrown open to reveal what lies within, for better or for worse.
It is there that the human brain, to this day a mystery to man, is opened up like a mere pocketwatch so that we may see what it is that makes people tick.

Its a powerful tool, and a respectable field, and I'd call anyone who says otherwise a fool right into their face. Unless they were Mr. T. Cause nobody calls Mr. T a fool.

Anyways, its with this in mind that I say that I find my psychology course thus far to be utterly and completely useless.
Keep in mind, I've never studied psychology before. Maybe what I'm about to describe is the epitome of which case I'm going to have seriously re-evaluate my views on psychology as a whole. I kind of don't want to.

I'd expect, in my psychology course, to be actually studying something useful. To be taking notes on how the mind works, the how and the why of what drives a human being to do what they do.

Instead, all I've been privy to is a handful of redfaced students giving garbled presentations at the front of the class of scientists that have contributed something to the field of psychology, and a few lectures that fulfill the endlessly helpful purpose of naming things that I already knew about. That most people with any sort of education or intelligence should know about, and ideally, have thought about.

At any rate, I need the extra credits this semester to make up for the credit fiasco that was second semester last year, so because I must fulfill my educational obligation to the University so that I can get myself a scrap of paper that declares that I know my shit, I will be staying on.

Here's to hoping it gets better.

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