Saturday, September 27, 2008


Did I ever mention that I don't have enough to do?

Have I ever in the past...two...three years of doing a shit job at maintaining this blog with any sort of regularity ever give the impression that I didn't have enough projects on my plate to wrap my teeth around, like some goddamned animal trying in vain for some ungodly reason to devour a beach ball?

But I'll be fucked if I don't think otherwise. I've got yet another new project that's slithering out of the works, and its gonna be a doozy, and by a doozy I mean not so much so.

Its about birds. Its for a "contest", the stakes aren't very high as its for the Digital Arts Network, a club formed entirely out of NYU and in spite of all its charms could better be termed "NYU CADA Fan Club". But that's why I love them.

Anyways, the contest is about birds and digital art and that's it. Make some digital art thing that expresses the idea of birds. Simple.
Deadline for the contest is somewhere around the end of October, or the middle, I'll be arsed if I can remember anything I didn't take the time to scrawl on the screen in big black marker.
That's anywhere from half a month to a month to pull some amazing out of our collective asses.

I'm pumped. So pumped.

I think its coming along nicely.

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